Popular with the public at our open house, the Bon Secours 4 Houblons is a light IPA with character. The Nugget, Centennial, Cascade and Belma hops give it a beautiful richness of taste and a pronounced bitterness. On the palate you will appreciate the aromas of citrus fruits, exotic fruits and lychee.


The Hop

We are working on our classic range with Saaz and Kent hops which are produced in Popenringe, Belgium. In our Bon Secours 4 Hops we work with the following hops: Nugget (FR) and Centennial (US) which are incorporated in the boiling process and Belma (NZ) and Cascade (US) which are added in dry hopping. We also use a dry hopping process in our Blueberry Bon Secours with Columbus hops (US).

A lively beer

Our desire to enable connoisseurs to discover the flavours of days gone by has led us to select traditional production methods to protect our beers from filtration, pasteurisation, and an excess of carbon dioxide.

Our beers are packaged in swing-top bottles and solid-wood crates.

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